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Do You Think Social Media Is Killing You -- Literally?

SFGate wonders if social media is literally killing us, asserting:
"Globally health officials are warning that advances in technology are rendering employees immobile and at greater risk of developing heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes despite advances in modern medicine. While the increasingly sedentary nature of technology is unlikely to change course, our work environments need not follow suit. TrekDesk Treadmill Desks and BodyMedia are teaming up at New York's BlogWorld & New Media Expo to showcase their solutions to combat this escalating health challenge through motion and metrics. ..." 
Read the full SFGate article at: Is Social Media Killing You? TrekDesk & BodyMedia Offer Prevention through Motion and Metrics

So... Do you believe social media is actually killing you? What has been your personal experience and how concerned are you about technology making you increasingly immobile and thus at greater risk of serious health problems?  And what steps, if any, are you taking to mitigate those risks?

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