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UNHCR | Refworld | Freedom on the Net 2012 - Georgia

UNHCR | Refworld | Freedom on the Net 2012 - Georgia

Internet access and use continues to grow rapidly in Georgia, particularly as interest in connecting with friends through social-networking sites has increased in recent years. State bodies and several key politicians have also increased their use of the internet and modern social media tools to share information with citizens and attract attention from the potential electorate. The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development continues its cooperation with bloggers, ...

UNHCR | Refworld | Freedom on the Net 2012 - Egypt

For activists, internet technologies, especially social media websites, have provided not only a tool to access information but also a medium to create a new, virtual world with the powerful ability to influence the real world. Meanwhile, the former .... With the development of Web 2.0 technologies, more bloggers and civic advocates have begun using social-networking websites to expose government fraud and acts of brutality by the security forces. Activists use ICTs to ...

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