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Oracle: Big Business Has Big Data Woes (Quentin Hardy/NYT Bits)

Oracle: Big Business Has Big Data Woes (Quentin Hardy/NYT Bits)

Quentin Hardy / NYT Bits:
Oracle: Big Business Has Big Data Woes  —  Here's a preview of what Oracle will be saying at its big annual show, Oracle OpenWorld, which begins Sunday:  —  Business, the way you're working will kill you.  Storage costs, social media awareness, software application migration — they are all big problems.

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Web 2.0 is social. Take a look at the social networking sites that rose to fame in the last decade: Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. And there are lesser known niche networking sites ... Though social media marketing revolves around Web 2.0 concepts like social sharing, user reviews and community-driven groups, Web 3.0 takes things a step further by making the marketing process reach out to people on a more personal level.

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