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Using Social Media to Expand Networks

A Communications Network article online recently shared some important Q&A exchanges on the topic of using social media to expand networks :
"How is Web 2.0 changing your job as a senior communications officer? How is it changing your relationship with grantees and the wider community you serve? Susan Promislo (SP): As the former ... In part, it was because of our involvement in conferences like TED and communities like Health 2.0 that are further out in front with technology and social networking. But we also knew that a broadcast strategy was not going to work for Pioneer, which focused on finding ..."  (Read the full article here...)

How about your own experiences in this area, as a senior communications officer (or lower level officer) and/or as someone who has dealt with someone in that position?  Was your experience similar to the ones mentioned in the Communications Network article or different?  (Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts.)

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