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'.lol' and '.bank' may be included in new Internet domains

</span></div><div class="collapsible-content" style="margin-left: 1em; "><span class="text">Web 2.0: New Internet domains may include '.lol,' '.bank' - Fox News</span></div><div class="line"><span class="webkit-html-tag">
A variety of new Internet domains are on the way.  How useful and popular do you think proposed Internet domain suffixes such as .lol and .bank would be? 

Fox News report on "Web 2.0: New Internet domains may include '.lol,' '.bank'" states: "Others will be delayed as competing bidders quarrel for easy-to-remember words such as ".web." When multiple applications seek the same suffix, ICANN will encourage parties to work out an agreement. ICANN will hold an auction if the competing bidders ..."

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