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Why Zynga is Shedding Users (Richard MacManus/ReadWriteWeb)

Why Zynga is Shedding Users (Richard MacManus/ReadWriteWeb)

Richard MacManus / ReadWriteWeb:
Why Zynga is Shedding Users  —  Social gaming company Zynga had an outstanding 2011, leading to a well-hyped IPO in December.  But Zynga's biggest risk was always an over-reliance on Facebook, with most of its revenue and users coming from the social network.

Web 2.0 Companies Hit All-Time Lows, Pushing Billionaire Fortunes Down - Forbes

It’s another Monday in the red for Web 2.0 companies and their executives. Facebook CEO Zuckerberg’s Monday will seem a bit tamer than last week’s, after losing $389 million as company shares closed down 2.96% to close at $26.90.

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