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How Social Media Can Grow Your Company

     As the economy continues to slowly expand, businesses are seeking new media to reach their customers. In addition to traditional print, radio and online advertising, marketing directors are often required to create and implement a social media strategy. According to Forrester Research, three out of four Americans currently use social media. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have become incredible success stories, but more importantly they’ve evolved into tools to grow sales and profits. As a result, the management of many small- to medium-sized companies are struggling to find the right balance to effectively communicate and grow their businesses in the Internet age. Luckily, some media businesses are finding innovative ways to market and inform consumers and help companies expand their brands and sales on a national basis.
     Many companies are turning to private equity firms that invests media and media services in exchange for equity in private and public corporations. Through a targeted multi-platform approach of print, radio, online and social media, these firms facilitate significant brand and corporate awareness programs to a widespread audience of Consumer and B2B Buyers. However, since these firms invests equity in their portfolio companies, they have strict due diligence requirements and only partner with high-quality growth companies seeking to improve their message and brand to customers.
     By partnering with private equity firms, businesses can reach for widespread consumer and B2B sales using technology to achieve their goals. (Source: NewsUSA)

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